June 15, 1940 - May 6, 1996

Anmol Infrabuild is the chapter of a long success story that began in 1967 with the late Shri Kantibhai Kalidas Patel. It is a story of courage, passion, compassion and needless to say achievement.

When Shri Kantibhai Kalidas Patel first set foot in the entrepreneurial world, he had nothing but a B.ED degree and vision. It was not only his dream to make it big but also to build an empire that could be of service to his community and his city. And so he established Patel Shah and Co., an iron and steel business that before long established him as one of the most revered and trusted business minds in his community. From then on there was no looking back: strong entrepreneurial instincts and great business acumen made sure he did well in every industry he ventured into.

1981 saw the inception of the Amarnath construction company. By then Arvind K. Patel, the son of Shri Kantibhai Kalidas Patel had already begun to learn the ropes of the business. Together they worked tirelessly to make Amarnath Constructions a company dedicated to creating quality,user-friendly spaces.

One of Kantibhai Patel’s most significant ventures and perhaps his most benevolent gesture was to become the MD of the Vijay Co-operative bank in 1986. Back then Vijay bank was under a lot of debt and was in a very bad position. His sole purpose of becoming its managing director was to save Vijay Co-operative bank and relieve it of all its debt. He retained this designation for the rest of his life.

Even after his demise in 1996, Shri Kantibhai Patel’s legacy continued.

In 2010 the name Amarnath Construction Company was changed to Anmol Infrabuild LLP. Today, as chairman, Shri. Arvindbhai K. Patel has taken the Anmol Group to new heights. Along with Anmol Infrabuild he has also established the Amarnath Co-operative bank and A. K. Zaveri, a brand of exquisite traditional jewellery.

The industries we work in may differ but our work culture, our passion and the quality of our work remain the same no matter what we do.


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